Delivery Channels

Delivery Channels

Service Choices to Fit Our Clients' Needs

2Cc's wide array of service delivery channels provides the means to building brand loyalty and enhancing our clients' profitability. We analyze client business process and contact center outsourcing needs to help determine the best means of providing support. The appropriate mix of service channels not only empowers customers, it also helps our clients reduce support costs and better understand customer issues.
2Cc's technology infrastructure and best-of-breed interaction tools enable seamless service for our clients' customers. In addition, we have extensive expertise implementing a variety of client-owned service tools across regions and industries.

2Cc offers a variety of solutions across multiple service delivery channels, including:
  1. E-mail
  2. Chat
  3. IVR
  4. Self-Service
  5. Social Media

1. E-mail – Indirect Support Channel for Direct Answers

E-mail continues to be an effective support option for customers and clients alike. Its versatility across support types and the typically lower response time requirements compared to voice support make it particularly attractive as a lower-cost support model for our clients.

Customers also benefit from using email support. Responding to inquiries via email allows our support professionals more time to research the issues, and they are able to utilize pre-written answers to common questions. These preset answers help support professionals answer more customer inquiries in a shorter amount of time, maintain consistent processes across the organization and free support professionals to spend more time researching complex issues.

2Cc's experience providing email support spans our international footprint. We currently are able to answer from dedicated email queues and blended voice/e-support options. We offer state-of-the-art email technology from Instant Service, or we integrate email tools provided by our clients.

2Cc recommends email as a viable contact channel for:
  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Inbound order taking
  • Help desk

2. Chat

Using Technology to Boost Support

Along with email, the popularity of chat support continues to grow across industries. For customers, chat provides a more personal interaction than email because of its real-time component. For clients, the ability of support professionals to answer more than one chat at a time creates additional cost savings through improved utilization.

Like email, support professionals have the ability to utilize technology that automates responses and ensures accuracy. Our technology solutions improve the speed of support, which is critical in a chat environment, while also maintaining the consistency important to building brand loyalty. Chat support professionals receive close monitoring and coaching like their voice counterparts, to ensure the highest level of customer service and communication skills.

2Cc clients utilize our chat support options. We also use client-provided chat tools that integrate with our voice services, or as standalone options. 2Cc chat support professionals respond to as many as four chat sessions simultaneously, resulting in more than five million chat contacts each year.

2Cc's recommendation for chat support includes:
  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Inbound order taking
  • Help desk

3. Interactive Voice Response - IVR

Making Support Simpler

Phone interaction still remains the leading contact channel for contact center and business process outsourcing. 2Cc's sophisticated interactive voice response (IVR) technology provides relevant support assistance before customers reach a support professional so their support experience is as 2Cclined as possible. Many customers receive the information they need to resolve their issue directly from the IVR, which increases customer satisfaction, reduces client cost and enables support professionals to focus on more complex inquiries, build brand loyalty and promote upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

For calls requiring support professional interaction, 2Cc's IVR gathers relevant information about the caller, then gives it to the support professional via screen-pops prior to live interaction. This system provides the customer with better service through quick handle times and knowledgeable responses. Once the call is complete, 2Cc offers the option of automated after-call surveys to gauge customer satisfaction.

2Cc's IVR solutions:
  • Leverage industry-leading IVR platforms
  • Use CTI capabilities to maximize information available to support professionals
  • Integrate seamlessly with other technologies in our service centers
  • Provide meaningful standard and custom reports

4. Self Service

The Right Mix of Personal Assistance and Self-Service

Far beyond frequently asked question (FAQ) documents, the next generation of self-service empowers customers, builds brand loyalty and reduces client costs. It functions best as part of an integrated, multi-channel service strategy, and is designed to provide customers with at-their-fingertip information at their convenience.

2Cc's web self-service replicates the best practices utilized by our top support professionals. Self-service activities include building and deploying a knowledge base with current and relevant content for the customer and creating a navigation experience that is intuitive and easy to use. 2Cc's self-service strategy encourages exploration and allows for successful first time and repeat visits. Integrating self-service with other service channels provides additional opportunities to create competitive advantage for our clients.

As part of an integrated service strategy, web self-service is most effective for:
  • High transaction volume
  • Repeatable, consistent business logic and service handling
  • Off-hour call support or promotions

5. Social Media Solutions

Today's consumers are turning to the virtual community and social networks for support and information on products and services they use every day - transforming what was once a social phenomenon into a business imperative. To address this shift in consumer behavior, 2Cc created a multi-faceted business solution to service the "social" consumer. 2Cc's social media solution will be continuously refined to keep pace with the social CRM needs of our clients and currently includes the following features:
  • Trend Monitoring & Analysis: active monitoring of websites, blogs, forums and message boards to identify and gather real-time consumer and market trends; consumer data is analyzed and translated into customer experience objectives and actionable business priorities.
  • Consumer Engagement: real-time, personal interaction with consumers across an unlimited number of social media; services include providing client news and promotional updates, responding to customer information requests, correcting misinformation and/or addressing customer dissatisfaction drivers.
  • Revenue Generation: proactive identification of incremental sales and/or market promotion opportunities by leveraging intelligence garnered from market and consumer trend analysis.
  • 2Cc's social media solution is customized based on each client's business priorities, CRM objectives and/or consumer demands. The various components of the solution are designed to be leveraged independently or holistically as needed to supply the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of today's consumers. 2Cc's social media solutions may be also be combined with its voice, chat, email and/or business analytics services - to create a fully integrated and comprehensive solution that drives customer satisfaction and increases overall brand loyalty.
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