B-to-B Services

2Cclining the Sales Pipeline

Access Worldwide has been instrumental in the success of many B2B applications. Our experienced staff can help you to define the requirements for an application that will meet your business objectives. Often our clients have stated that we have exceeded their overall expectations in delivering a quality application with measurable results.
We are able to serve a multitude of markets that include, financial, telecommunications, education, tourism, industries.

Below you might find an application type that suites your needs.
  • Customer Care
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Win-Back Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Preferred Customer Offers

Business Analytics

Comprehensive Solutions Designed to Drive Customer Satisfaction

Today's product and service providers in eager pursuit of customer behavior insight and trends generate vast quantities of customer data from a variety of sources. For many companies, translating that customer data into clear, actionable business strategies is a daunting task. To support its clients in this endeavor, 2Cc cooperate with Survey Data and Consultancy Center, a data analytics team, dedicated to improving customer experience and predictably increasing customer lifetime value.

This team uses advanced analytical techniques and a systematic approach to objectively deconstruct the customer experience, identify key value drivers, and recommend process changes that will yield predictable and quantifiable results. This global team of experts is comprised of data statisticians, six sigma black belts, tool developers and survey process experts who work with clients to synthesize what matters most to their customers and offer high value solutions that improve overall experience and retention.

The team has proven domain expertise in:
  • Survey Design and Execution - collecting and synthesizing meaningful/actionable feedback
  • Service Blueprinting - identifying how the customer sees your process
  • ROI Analysis - identifying investments that will increase profitability
  • Provisioning Re-Engineering - eliminating the leading causes of customer churn
The analytics team is an externally focused business unit. Its mission is to construct custom solutions for clients based on each client's business priorities, CRM objectives and/or consumer demands. The various components of the solution are designed to be leveraged independently or holistically as needed to supply the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of today's consumers. Our offering may be combined with its voice, chat, email and/or social media solutions - to create fully integrated and comprehensive solutions that drives customer satisfaction and increases overall brand loyalty