About Us

APA Communications offers an integrated IT communication services and solutions to private and public sector companies. The tasks include an assessment of the existing platform, development of a communications strategy, and implementation of all the communication activations required in order to meet business objectives. APA Communications means professionalism, dynamism, creativity, power of will and the capacity to realize high quality services at a great price. For these reasons, we are the ones that will handle your most complex projects with success.

These tasks could be to introduce measures to improve on internal employee morale through internal communication programmes including activities such as Internal and External Information Management Systems, video productions, newsletters, promotional displays – to mention a few. External communications may include the implementation of corporate image or sales campaigns, online communication, customer database management, direct marketing, literature productions including preparation of text, photography and graphic design, exhibitions and events - or whatever the strategy dictates.

Member experience spans many different industries and includes work assignments in the Region and Europe. The working style is one of total integration. All members become involved with client assignments although the principle of key-account management is upheld.